Can I bring my purse or backpack?
Clear bags and backpacks only.

Can I bring my pet?
Only service animals can come to the festival.

Will I get sunburnt?
Yes, this is the desert. We do recommend sunscreen and hats to help protect your skin.

Can I take my drone?
No. We don’t want to cause any chaos in the sky for the balloon pilots. You can bring a camera and take all the pictures you want. Be sure to use #whitesandsballoonandmusicfestival when posting on social media.

Will there be alcohol?
100%. Absolutely. Without a doubt. With that being said… Please do not bring in coolers, glass containers, and illegal substances. DO bring your ID so you can be served.

Will there be food?
Of course! We have some really yummy food and drink vendors to help with your festival cravings. DO NOT bring in any outside food and drinks.

Can I bring my bike inside the festival?
No bikes, 4wheelers, or side-by-sides.

Can I pitch a tent for shade?
NEGATIVE. You can bring in a personal umbrella to provide shade for yourself.

Do I have to stand all day?
No, you are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, blankets, and strollers for the little ones.

Do I need to bring cash?
You can. We will also have an ATM on site.

Is smoking allowed?

Can I bring my knife in?
Definitely no knives or guns!

Will I be allowed to set fireworks off?
No, we will be having a balloon glow and don’t want fireworks to be a distraction.